Why Choose First Maintenance Company?

Our Approach

Innovation Through:

• Production: complete objectives
• Quality: exceed expectations
• Cost: quality, not quantity
• Training: constant improvement
• Safety: OSHA enforced
• Morale: pride and satisfaction
• Creativity: flexible and resourceful


Two-Fold Approach:

• Provide the greatest value to clients.
• Provide the greatest opportunity to employees.


Built-in safeguards provide accountability to ensure that quality performance remains consistent—exceeding customer standards.

Consistency is achieved by performing regular walk-throughs to:

• Minimize Errors
• Locate Opportunities for Improvement

Quality Control

5M Readiness5M Readiness

Our “5M Readiness” Program takes specific action steps toward success through careful evaluation of possible insufficiencies:

Manpower: proper amount of people
Machines: working equipment
Materials: appropriate cleaning supplies
Methods: accurate procedures
Measure: scheduled service evaluations

Background Checks

Trak-1Using Trak 1 Technology, we have immediate access to national law enforcement and court databases to conduct thorough background checks on all new hires.

Employee Drug Testing

Advanced Toxicology NetworkWe practice pre-employment screening and random drug screening to control risk. We will not hire or retain the services of any person with a positive drug screen for:

• Amphetamines
• Cocaine
• Methadone
• Cannabinoids
• Opiates


First Maintenance Company SafetyTo ensure a safe working environment for all of our employees, we provide:

• Safety Training for New Hires
• Monthly “Tool Box” Training
• Annual Re-Certification Training
• Regular Workplace Inspections

Each safety module is specifically tailored for the building service industry.


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