Tulsa Parking Lot Striping Service

Tulsa parking lot striping and painting services by First Maintenance Company will make your parking lot safer, more attractive and the traffic will be better managed. In Tulsa, a bad or amateur parking lot striping job can give your Tulsa business a bad image and be a liability for your company. First Maintenance Company can apply professional looking parking lot stripes, parking lot lines, lettering and directional arrows to new parking lots and re-stripe your existing parking lots.

Reduce Your Liability With Parking Lot Striping

In today's business climate anything you can do to reduce your business liability is a good. Parking lot striping is a service from FMC that can reduce your liability. First Maintenance technicians ensure that all parking lot lines and parking lot striping are compliant with the 'Americans with Disabilities Act'. This will reduce the parking lot owner's liability. Having the proper parking lot line size and parking stall spacing is important as well. Having your parking lot striping done by a professional company will maximize your lot space, reduce your liability and promote problem-free parking.

Tulsa Parking Lot Striping Service

Tulsa Parking Lot Striping Service Includes:

• Proper parking lot cleaning and preparation
• Clearly marked parking lot lines and properly sized parking stalls
• Handicap spaces clearly marked and at all the required locations
• Clearly visible directional arrows to direct traffic flow

Everything we do in our parking lot striping service enhances your property, promotes hassle free parking, and meets all safety codes or regulations. Many Tulsa property management firms use our parking lot striping service to add significant curb appeal and safety to their properties.

Professional Parking Lot Striping Services in Tulsa

FMC Technicians will begin by making sure the surface on which the striping will be applied to is free of moisture, dust and debris. The presence of any of these will cause the paint to lose its adhesive properties prematurely and flake. The paint is then applied with commercial striping equipment. Close attention is paid to the thickness of the paint and the width of the stripe so the end result will be precise and uniform parking lot lines. FMC utilizes airless parking lot striping equipment to provide crisp, clean edges on your parking lot lines and to reduce waste and pollution from any over spray. For areas that require or need reflective properties we can also add glass beads to provide the reflection.

Using First Maintenance Company's parking lot striping service will not close down your parking lot. Depending on the season the parking lot line striping paint will be dry within 10 to 20 minutes and ready for your traffic.

Like all of First Maintenance Company's professional building and maintenance services our parking lot striping service will provide:

• Professionally trained technicians in application and safety
• Knowledge of all codes and regulations
• Commercial grade striping equipment
• Commercial grade materials
• Management staff and support

FMC Is The Best Parking Lot Striping Service In Tulsa

First Maintenance Company's parking lot striping service is one of the many property services we provide to building owners, businesses and property management firms in Tulsa. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our customers with the most professional building maintenance and Tulsa janitorial services available to Tulsa businesses.

To make your parking lot attractive and safe call First Maintenance Company for FREE quote on our parking lot striping service. Call 918-747-3600 TODAY to find out more about our professional parking lot striping service in Tulsa.

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