Tulsa Commercial Painting Contractor

Tulsa offices, buildings and commercial locations all project an image. To be sure your office or business location projects a professional image you need a professional commercial painting contractor like First Maintenance Company, Commercial Painting Services to do the job right.

Maintaining your company's 'professional' image is important. To do it right the first time it takes more than a brush and a can of paint. It takes a professional commercial painting contractor with in depth knowledge of:

• Different paint and coating products
• The different application methods
• Surface preparation
• Specialized tools
• Understanding the regulations of each coating
• Understanding the environment being painted
• Safety and Safety Hazard remediation

Commercial Painter in Tulsa

There are many laws and regulations governing what can and cannot be done in a workplace environment. Painting and surface coatings in the workplace are regulated. Protect your business, employees and customers by having the very best professional commercial painting contractor in Tulsa painting your commercial interiors and exteriors.

FMC Professional Commercial Painting Services

As professional painting contractors in Tulsa, our goal is to understand your needs and deliver your projects on schedule with our professional attention to every detail. With First Maintenance Company, safety is always our top priority. The professional painters of First Maintenance Company receive rigorous OSHA approved safety training in personal and workplace safety, fall protections, health, and environmental matters. This ensures that you, your customers, and your work environment are protected as well.

Professional Commercial Painting Training

In addition to the safety training all of our professional commercial painters are trained for every type of surface using every type of product. Their professional industry training includes:

• wall coverings, wood finishes, and anti-graffiti coatings
• paint, coatings, surface preparation and repair
• historical paint, surface repair and color matching
• water repellents, sealants, and electrostatic applications
• specialty finishes, faux, and decorative applications and graphics
• water, fire, and smoke restoration
• lead abatement
• sandblasting services

Minimize Your Risk With FMC Commercial Painting Services

First Maintenance Company has 4 generations of professional commercial painting service. Our employees and management are experienced in every phase of interior and exterior commercial painting. You will minimize your risk and gain professional skilled painters for your commercial projects. Call 918-747-3600 for the best commercial painting contractor in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma.

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