Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration

Polished marble floors need the care of a Professional Floor Technician as much as wood, tile or carpet. First Maintenance Company Tulsa, Ok. specializes in Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration. We can design a maintenance program to keep your polished marble floor looking better than new all the year round.

FMC is a certified 3M Authorized Applicator of 3M marble-maintenance and floor-restoration products. We can resurface vanities, tables, bar tops, bathroom counters, and floors restoring natural color and beauty. Surface restoration will bring back the clarity of the reflection with outstanding shine and depth.

Tulsa Marble Restoration

Signs that Your Marble Floor Needs Restoring

Marble is considered a soft stone material and therefore it will suffer from the wear of foot traffic, causing lippage and troughs across the surface. Marble is also easily stained by using the wrong sealers and will discolor and yellow from wax build up. First Maintenance Company's marble floor restoration service can fix these problems and make your marble floor look better than it did when it was first installed.

First Maintenance Marble Floor Restoration Methods

Marble floor restoration involves several processes. It starts with sanding or grinding the surface with specialized tools and materials. This step involves grinding the floor down with commercial grade diamond abrasive discs. The sanding/grinding will remove the troughs, lippage, scratches and stains from your marble floor. Successively finer discs are used to bring out a shine on a polished marble floor when compared to the dull look you had before.

The next step to marble floor restoration is polishing the marble floor. In this process we use a fine abrasive powder that is worked into the marble with a floor machine using water and cloth or polyester fiber pads. The polishing powder is worked into a slurry until a polish is achieved. Our technicians remove the slurry with wet vacs and rinse the floor to remove the excess powder. This process continues until the polished marble floor has a mirror like shine. We recommend this step as a good choice for maintaining your polished marble floor on a regular basis.

The last step of the marble restoration process is to to protected your marble with a chemical that fuses with the surface of the stone, protecting it from staining and elemental wear.

Polished Marble Floors Do Not Need Wax Or Sealers

Urethane and wax are not good choices to for a polished marble floor and cause many of the problems we see in Tulsa's marble floors. Sealers and wax are often the major reasons for marble floor restoration. Being a stone, the polished marble floor needs to 'breathe' and it cannot breathe with wax and sealers applied. Wax and sealers can also stain, discolor, and yellow your marble floor. Some of the worst marble floor damage we have seen in Tulsa is caused from the chemicals used to to strip wax and sealers from marble floors. These types of finishes are no answer to imperfections in a stone floor and in the long run may only exacerbate problems. First Maintenance recommends you not use coatings on your polished marble floors at all.

Marble Floor Restoration Programs

First Maintenance can design a maintenance program for your polished marble floors. The sooner you start, the better your marble floors will look and it will cost you less in the long run. Call 918-747-3600 to inquire about our polished marble floor restoration maintenance program today.

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